Feeding local kids since 2008

TABLE has distributed over 2,880,000 healthy meals and snacks to local children since 2008. Through TABLE’s food access and nutrition education programs, we provide kids with a variety of healthy, fresh food and the knowledge to help them improve their physical, emotional, and mental health!

We currently have about 850 local kids enrolled in our food access programs with over 200 children on our waitlist. Every week, with the help of our volunteers, enrolled children receive food delivered directly to their doorstep. This extra food allows children to eat more balanced meals, feel less stressed or worried about food, and be able to play and just be kids!

We also deliver nutrition education kits to our families once a month. These meal kits include a recipe, ingredients, and a fun activity so kids and parents can get excited together in the kitchen while learning about the nutritional value of key ingredients. 

I truly appreciate, look forward to, and enjoy the ‘TABLE Delivery’ knocks!

“I’m so happy! My children have never eaten better. It is amazing!”

“My kids’ energy is high & they sleep better at night because of complete meals and want to go outside and play.”

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