Volunteer Scheduling

Delivery Shifts

Pick up bags of food from TABLE, along with a list of addresses. Drive to each destination for contactless delivery, put food on doorstep, knock, and head to the next address!

Bagging & Sorting Shifts

Shifts are available each week for assembling bags of food and sorting donations.

Pick Up & Drop Off

Assist TABLE with picking up and dropping off recycling, compost, and groceries.

Farm Work

Prepare garden beds, plant, harvest, deliver produce and other farm-related cleaning and work.

Kids Shifts

Parents and children will work together to make bags of non-perishable food items for TABLE kids.

Group  Volunteers

Volunteer with your group of 5-10 people to support our food access programs!

Collect food & prepare non-perishable bags conveniently with your group of any size at the time and location of your choice.

Develop your own creative event that best fits your group and supports TABLE programs!

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