UNC’s Sam Howell Announces Partnership With TABLE

UNC junior quarterback Sam Howell announced on Instagram Wednesday that he has partnered with TABLE, a local nonprofit focusing on hunger relief and nutrition efforts.

The deal is Howell’s first under the NCAA’s new rules which allow college players to profit off of their name, image and likeness.

“Along with TABLE,” the junior wrote in his caption, “I will volunteer and help raise awareness of food insecurity and help alleviate hunger in Orange County and beyond.”


“We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner with Sam Howell and for his intentionality in supporting the children TABLE serves,” said Ashton Tippins, the organization’s executive director. “In North Carolina, 20% of kids struggle with hunger and 15.5% of children living in Orange County are food insecure. TABLE has been feeding children in the community since 2008, successfully delivering over 200,000 bags of healthy non-perishables and fresh food to the kids we serve. We look forward to working with Sam to help us continue to raise awareness for food in-security among children in Orange County, and to help us continue to provide kids with healthy and nutritious food every week.”
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