Make An Impact By Delivering for TABLE

Laura Dille, TABLE’s Director of Operations, shared this story about delivering for TABLE prior to the pandemic. While our operations have changed to delivering directly to kids homes every week, not just during inclement weather, Laura’s experience is why so may people enjoy delivering food for TABLE!

After being at TABLE for nearly seven years, I’ve been on dozens (and dozens) of delivery routes – to schools, afterschool centers, and homes all over our community. I’ve left bags of food at doors when no one was there  – ready and waiting when kids arrived home from school. I’ve been welcomed in for a soda on a hot day. I’ve handed individual bags to brothers waiting for me at the door. I’ve gotten a big grin from a mom with a beautiful mini garden outside her home (and wonderful smelling food inside). I’ve even developed favorite apartments to deliver to because the families are so friendly.

Recently, the school systems we serve (Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Orange County) had snow days. So, staff and volunteers bundled up to deliver food door-to-door, which is what we aim to do when kids have to miss those all-important school breakfasts and lunches and we can’t deliver to them at school!

As a new mom of an active little boy who will one day attend public schools, I have a lot in common with the families we serve. We all live in the same community, we’re working parents, and just trying to do right by our kids. But I have to admit, as this was one of the few times I’ve delivered food for TABLE since my son was born, this time felt different.

On my last stop of the day, just as the snow was beginning to fall, I pulled up a gravel road that led me to my next family’s home. The dad peered outside the window upon hearing my car, unsure why this stranger (me) was pulling into his driveway. I got out and explained that I was with TABLE and in addition to the regular bag, I had a little extra food for them if he would like it. The relief on his face was almost tangible.

I know now for certain that if I were in a situation where I needed food assistance for my own little boy, I would want to sign up for a program like TABLE. I would want that same relief that this dad felt of knowing that TABLE would be a steady, dependable source of food for his child when other things in life felt so insecure.

TABLE is growing and serving more children this year than ever before. We can only do this with the support of our community. Volunteers are what makes it possible for us to even reach our mission! With all the planning, emailing, meeting, leading shifts, bagging food, accepting food donations, receiving generous financial donations, ordering produce, and more, all of that is for nothing if we don’t have delivery volunteers. Volunteers are given instructions, directions, and guidance – we just need willing drivers with the heart and time to pitch in. Would you like to help TABLE be that steady, dependable source of food for local children when they face so many other insecurities in life?

Then, please sign up today!

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