Feeding School Kids When There’s No School

The Local Reporter, March 28, 2020

Thousands of K-12 students in Orange County rely on free and reduced-price school meals. Thanks to groups like TABLE, these students won’t be left hungry while school is out.

TABLE is a Carrboro-based nonprofit that normally provides students on free and reduced-price plans in Chapel Hill and Carrboro with meals to eat over the weekend, when they are unable to eat at school. But school closures, because of the coronavirus outbreak, have forced volunteers like Eri Bauers to deliver meals directly to students’ homes.

“Actually going to people’s homes and delivering them is awesome,” Bauers said.

Bauers’ duties with TABLE include packing bags full of food and delivering them door-to-door to students’ houses.

“Usually the kids would come and get it, and they were always really excited,” Bauers said. “That was really cool to see.”

Though TABLE provides weekend meals for many students in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, many of those students also mostly depend on school lunch five days a week. To fill this gap, Chapel Hill and Carrboro City Schools set up more than 20 stations throughout Chapel Hill and Carrboro for students to pick up breakfast, lunch or a snack.

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